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Why was the Grid Iron Club Established?

The Grid Iron Club was established in early 2007. The club was formed to help with all football programs in the West Robeson area. This includes all the football feeder schools to PSHS such as Prospect, Townsend, Pembroke Middle Schools. The donated money will assist with the football programs such as football equipment,  football camps for the kids and coaches. The club understands the schools are on limited budgets, therefore we formed the club to HELP fill the gap.

Why football? Well, the members of the group are mainly ex-football players and alumni of Pembroke Senior High, West Robeson and PSHS. Football was not just a sport to us as kids and teenagers but it was a tool that helped shape our lives into the men we have become today. Football taught us Character, Competitiveness and Commitment. Through these aspects we have helped grow and shape our community into what it is today. We would like to say that football played a big part with making us a contribution and not a burden to our community. We would like to extend this same opportunity to the young boys growing up in our community today. We would also hope this would start other clubs for other sports because they are all very important in shaping young peoples lives.

Our Club is new and we wish we had the funds to immediately help all the above schools but its going to take the help and support from all the community to make our mission flourish. Our intentions are not to take away from any program/organization that is currently supporting sports but to simply be a help mate as Eve was to Adam.

We do not want any spot light therefore we do not wish to give credit to the members. This club was not formed for any glory but to glorify our future leaders in our community.

We would like to thank all the people who have supported and plan to support our mission.

A saying we like to use is, "We have all fumbled the football but that doesn't mean we give up but we learn from our mistake and push forward and endure to the end of this great game of life God has allowed us to play"


Thank you - the club members 2007


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